Thursday, November 16, 2017

The *sParKle sOuls* are going to Bisbee!

This December 16th, I’m taking sParkle souLs on the road and driving a big van to Bisbee. I’ll be reading from Everything You’ve Ever Done and talking about the positive death movement and magic and community at Bisbee Books and Music from 1-4.

I’d like to welcome the sParkle sOuls (*YOU!*) to take a ride on the van and hang out in Bisbee for the day. It’d be great if you swing by Bisbee Books and Music. It’d also be great for you to explore the other wonders of Bisbee.

We’ll have 90 minutes in the van each way to party sParkLe souL style. So, bring your art to share and open hearts to take it all in.

This is a free ride and a free event. All ya gotta do is shine your sParkle sOul.

Check out @AmeliaMarieWhalen or @EverythingYouveEverDone on the facebooks for more info.

In March 2015, I started hosting an open mic style art share in my backyard. We sParKle sOuls were born from unicorn magic.

We meet to share art. All art forms are welcome, from a visceral description of consuming a *unique* beverage at the Vietnamese restaurant to displaying drawings to reading from a middle school diary to singing to screening short films.

Some sParkLe soULs don’t share at all. They just watch. That’s cool, too.